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Saturday, 28 December 2013 @ 06:26 | 0 Superstar (s)!


Today was already 28th November  December which means that there were only 3 days left, then i need to go back to my college.. arghhh... counting days like this make me sick.. i always wish that i can go back to my ex-secondary school, SMKDRI.. there, i'll meet kindianz every single day n i'll be the best student maybe? lol.. oke.. i'll sleep on my own bed every night n the most important is i'll be happy there.. 

but, you know?
the phrase.. every cloud has it silver lining right?
yeah, studying in Mara junior Science College K.Terengganu was my 'takdir' n i need to accept it...
wow.. 'pandai sy berkate2.." lol.. 
act, staying + studying in that college was a bit awesome plus worst too.. it's awesome cause.. you know? 24 hours a day with crazy friends and beloved seniors.. but, if it has a bright side, it'll surely has a dark side too right?

so, the things that i hate is the 'hostel life'.. such as washing clothes, ironing them,folding n hanging them..plus washing the toilets,the drains...n cleaning the iron room.. n more..

hmm, next year,2014 i mean.. i can't bring along my corby to the college.. new rule for new year.. so sad isn't it? but, remember that phrase again.. every cloud has it silver lining.. so, i think that if i didn't bring my phone, it is a good idea.. awesome principle i had.. 

talking bout 2014.. i'll be fourteen on 23rd June 2014.. i really can't believe it.. its had bean a year from the last day that i spent with my primary school friend on December 2012.. :') 

2014? sounds good..
i dont think that i gonna be a good senior for my juniors.. hmm.. Form 1 intake was on February..
hmm.. just forget it makes me feel better :)

Ok.. For 2014, i wanna fulfil my last last last last last years wishes.. i dont wanna skip any Solat.. i wanna 'khatam' a quran in a month during Ramadhan.. i dont wanna skip tarawih.. i gonna struggle to get better result.. i wanna be a good girl.. i mean, helping others who are in need.. arghh..i got lots of wishes.. i hope that i can fulfil all my wishes.. :)

Then, also for 2014.. i hope that there are no fake friends, back stabbers, two-faced, useless tears.. i got to be stong.. N now , i'm looking forward to 'Penghormatan Pengetua' as i got 3.86 for my final exam this year.. i'm happy n sad.. cause my mum seems like doesn't care.. everyone seems like doesn't care with my result... did they know that i'm struggling in my college to get such good result like that? i did that just to make my parents proud of me.. i 'll always pray for my succeed but not for me.. i prayed for my succeed so that my parents will proud of me.. 

but, all of my expectations were totally wrong.. it was not what i'm expected.. my parents seems like they don't care.. it's ok for me as my friends were always proud of me.. hmmm.. i wish that my friends know that i loved them very much.. cause they're the one who proud of my result, always support me.. now, i knew the true meaning of friendship.. :') 

Funny entry right? tetiba rsa nk speaking..haha.. lol sgt2.. sy tau english sy broken..but practise make perfect right? just enjoy it.. >.<

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