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Just Tired.
Friday, 28 March 2014 @ 03:02 | 0 Superstar (s)!

I'm tired of drama,
I'm tired of feeling alone,
I'm tired of being left behind,
I'm tired of loosing friends,
I'm tired of having to stay up late to finish a pile of homework, 
I'm tired of getting homework twice as much now,
I'm tired of moody teachers,
I'm tired of pretending like I'm all that happy,
I'm tired of trying to be a people pleaser,
I'm tired of hiding my messed up life,
I'm tired of missing my friends, 
I'm tired of missing our jokes and laughter,
I'm tired of missing him,
I'm tired of being soo lazy when it comes to hw, 
I'm tired of replaying all those memories of 1 Kindi, knowing that it'll never be the same again,
I'm tired of waiting for something to happen,
I'm tired of being emotional all the time,
I'm tired of expecting too much,
I'm tired of eating when I really should be dieting,  
I'm tired of reading our old texts, hoping we could do that again,
I'm tired of wishing my life would be like the the old days,
I'm tired of growing up,
I'm tired of rushing,
I'm tired of not having enough sleep,
I'm tired of thinking too much,
I'm tired of being insecure,
I'm tired of being jealous when I really shouldn't,
I'm tired of stressing on the little things,
I'm tired of thinking about you every second, 
I'm tired of saying goodbye,
I'm tired of crying even though I don't really cry that much,
I'm tired of doing something I don't want to,
I'm tired of trying too hard,
I'm tired of forgetting that I should look out for myself too,
I'm tired of acting like I understanding everything I learnt from school,
I'm tired of being dumb,
I'm tired of regretting those stupid things I did in the past,
I'm tired of trying to be perfect,
I'm tired of being busy these days,
I'm tired of being depressed,
I'm tired of waiting forward to the weekends cuz school can be so lame,
I'm tired of waking up late in the morning,
I'm tired of being exhausted after school,
I'm tired of wanting something that I could never have,
I'm tired of being such a dork,
I'm tired of arghh...everything,
I'm just....really tired of being tired.

Sincerely, me.

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