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XTVT week 2014
Sunday, 16 November 2014 @ 17:21 | 0 Superstar (s)!

Ohaiyo peep(s)..

So for this year, dpt jgk meng'ada'kan diri nk join xtvt week kat mktab. Last year punye, xbleh. Sbb bertembung dgn program Justspeak. Tp ape pon, program tu byk bg ilmu baru, kawan baru.. And ape2 je lahh. So, now nk citer psl XTVT WEEK thun ni.

xde kene mngena ngn tajuk pon -,-

Yeah .
17th August.
Activity Coming! Tiring is coming too! So, today we just sit in the Ibnu Sina Hall and hear to a speaker. We celebrated National Day too. We sang some songs and we got Jalur Gemilang.

18th August.
Just sitting on a chair and watched "The Conjuring" and we had photoshoot for SERI MAGAZINE by class. President, Vice president, secratary and treasurer wore baju batik. Boys wore beige uniform and girls? blue uniform!! So, cheese~

19 August.
Arghh , so stress! We had preparation for SRS TYPE II today. Well, form two students.
Board? RM12. Two heavy tables. Thousands of stickers . Everything need to be done before tomorrow . Night came. Continue doing same work while looking through the window of Ibnu Sina Hall. Form 1 students were having fun in there. They had Fashion Show. Held by the BWPs. So funny. Haha.

20 August.
So, today is the day. Here we go! The Callidus's booth. Snake bubblesss~
I'm having fun with le kids. They love bubbles. :D
Giving stickers, autograph .. Then, its time for Sir Shah Rizan judges us. Tup2 , done! Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly.

21 August.
Hmm. Eid celebration. Nothing much but, this year is better i think. I wore pink baju kurung and a black wide shawl. Morning roll call with tcer Wan. She wanna look at our clothes. Some of us need to go back to the dorm to change clothes and sandals. Then we went to the old Academy block. Girls on the third floor while boys on the second floor. Teachers on the first floor. The speaker? at the middle , down there. Times flew. We got balloons and we need to let it go while singing eid songs. Happy! :D

Time to eat! We need to queue up. Omaigod! Long linefrom Ibnu Sina Hall ................ to CCOC Room. :O
Yeay, I got my food. Nasi minyak, satay, bandung cincau.. We ate at the second floor. Done Eating, I went to 2E and sit in the class. Watching students happily playing with le giant bubbles. Gotta go too. Just snapping pictures at Dataran Ilmu with my friends. Also, playing with le giant bubbles. Happy! Thanks Najmi for paying for the soap solution. Haha. 

Thats all. Kbye

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