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Haters .
Wednesday, 31 December 2014 @ 10:28 | 0 Superstar (s)!


Tengok tajuk yaa ladies and gentlemen...
HATERS? whts that?..hmm
haters are those who seccretly wish to be you. ahah.

and ape yg biasenye dorang buat??

Haters carried RUMOURS, and then been spreaded by the FOOLS and it were accepted by those IDIOTS.
ahaha. bnde biase dorang buat. dh xde life sgt. -,- Ganggu hidup org.

And you guys dont worry cause ... haters dont hate you.they hate themselves because you're reflection of what they wish to be.. Hmm there will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers and then there will be YOU. Proving them wrong.

Well, for my haters out there.. I know you're reading this. :)

I dont have enough time to hate people who hate me cause I'm too busy loving people who love me.
And yeah.. i couldnt help but notice that awesoME  ands with ME? and.. Ugly starts with U. haha.

Dear my hatersYou hate me but you don't know me. How cute :3Even if you hate me, I still love you guys and I promise that I will give you more reasons to hate me soon.. Please take care of yourself because my life might be boring without you .. Muahh .
Nk relate ngan life kat hostel selame dh dua tahun hidup kat sane.. Hmm. well, i got some haters there. but who cares. To those haters, thanks a lot cause giving me..your full attention. :) Ahah. I wanna ask the reader(s) .. Have you ever meet a HATER doing better than you ??? *NO?!* Me neither.. :D

Ade smpai satu mase thun lepas, hampir satu batch hates me. you know why. cause my hater carried the rumours. and the fools spreaded it.. lastly being accepted by those idiots. lol Jk. XD I'm not telling my batchmate are idio* or foo* .. but they believed it once. Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly after we had batch meeting last year :) 

And for 2014, i thought that i had no haters anymore. i mean, my batchmate. well, tipuu lah klau xde kan. dh nk masuk 2015.. *act dh masuk dh pon* .. baru tahu yang sepanjang 2014 ni, i live with my haters at le hostel.. sbb Dila ade bgtau tadii,

"Okkk.. jujur? Masa sy 1st prep mlm sy rapat ngn miza. Sy tngok gitu2 je awk. So sy  fikir 'dye ni mesti pabo dlm soal friendship' sy fikir gitu sbb sy x suka org kwn ngn sy  tapi cepat lupa kt sy.. #huhu... tapi sy x thu gane bleh rapat ngn awk. But sy boleh accept kenyataan tu. Tapi dlm proses nk knal awk mmg bnyk cite sy dngor. Tapi sy buat donno je. Lastly Alhamdulillah bleh terima awk seadanya Bnda yg awk perlu buang dr  diri awk,awk dah buang masa org lain benci awk. Sy nmpak perubahan tu. N I'm happy  Hahahhaha haha. .. PABO maksudnya bodoh. Tapi tu in korean. Haha.. sori kalu kasar  sngat. Tu Mula2 sy nmpak awk. Tapi awk bukan gitu pon. Awk cuma susah nk rapat  ngn org je. Hakhak.. sori ea.  Sy dah x ingat lar apa org ckp. Sy dah delete dr memori sy. Tapi bnda tu lar yg dah ubah awk jadi awk yg skrg."

Well well well...
I do have haters for 2014. Dila ni budak baru masuk time form 2. so sape haters tu? citer lame kott. ape bnde tah die spread kat Dila. Nasib x termakan.

Thats all for now. Thanks for reading. Adioss :)

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